Monday, May 21, 2007

Day 2 was great too! J's group tap won PLATINUM and took First Place in the category. Her large group production number got X-TREME PLATINUM and won First Place in the category and a "Most Entertaining" award. We were out of there by 4:30pm and we went out to eat with my mom. Fabulous and fun day.

Yesterday we hung out at home during the day and J had dance at 4. K stayed there, too, and the kids got to have a relaxing time watching "Tap" with some snacks. Lots of pride floating around the studio about how well they performed over the weekend!

Today the plumber came over around 8:30am, fixed a leak, low pressure hot water, and the sink plug in the bathroom. Then, I brought J over to her vocal lesson at 11:30am. It was awesome. J is learning a lot. She's going to try out different songs and together they'll see which one feels the best to do at Nationals. The studio owner is excited about her singing, too. But she was even more excited about how well J did at the competition. She said now that she saw what J can really do, she's going to step things up a notch for her. I feel J just has the whole package - a "triple threat", as they say. I'm so glad for her that she gets to show what she can do, be recognized for her abilities, and have the opportunity to keep getting better and better.

I'm making tons of checklists for all the recital costumes. I think I'm up to 15 costumes now.

K - Musical Theater
K - Advanced Hip Hop
K - Finale
W - Musical Theater
W - Boys Hip Hop
W - Finale
J - Musical Theater
J - Advanced Hip Hop
J - Lyrical (Mondays)
J - Lyrical (Fridays)
J - Company Solo montage
J - Company Tap
J - Company Jazz
J - Company Production
J - Finale

Yeah, I definitely need a checklist.


Susan said...

Hey there! I just wanted to say I think its great what the kids are doing with their dance. It seems that they are having a ball. The way childhood should be.

NYCitymomx3 said...

Thanks Susan!