Friday, May 25, 2007

It's Friday and we're ready for our big weekend. J and I will be heading to Jersey this afternoon for the 4-day performance team rehearsal. She has 2 photoshoots (1 re-do from last year) and a big barbecue to go to also. We went shopping the other day and got new photoshoot clothes and new dance clothes. K got a new bathing suit for this weekend. She's going out to my mom's with B and W for the weekend. Mom opened the pool the other day so they're both excited. It's going to be around 90 degrees for the next two days, so the pool sounds great. I'm pretty sure they'll hit the mall and the beach at some point, too.

W is over a crucial hump with reading, so I'm confident he will be more fluent over the next few months. The main thing I worry about is him actually LIKING to read. He's not crazy about readalouds, really, and prefers not to read at all. I think a love of reading is so important as it opens up so much more of the world.

The girls' CAT-E test results cam back yesterday and I'm happy to say they both are well in the required range. The percentile report is laid out very nicely and right to the point with no confusing rambling. In addition to my regular annual assessment, there's a sentence at the bottom stating they scored above the 33rd %-ile. That's all there is too it. So now we're done testing for 2 whole years!

Oh and we finally bought a new camera card, so expect to see plenty of pictures from now on! Yay!

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