Thursday, August 30, 2007

I love buying books. I have this total obsession with it. We were in B&N today, and armed with my 20% off educator's discount card, I went to town. I spent a total of $80 on like 15 books to use throughout the year. Readalouds, Beginner books, American History, Bridge workbook for J, a bunch of fun workbooks for W that he picked himself, and a kit on learning to play the recorder. We all had some Starbucks with oatmeal raisin cookies before starting shopping. Earlier this morning I dropped K off at her new school so she could pick up her "starter pack". That took about 10 minutes and we were on our way.

After book shopping, we found some more shoes for K (Nike Sneakers and 2 pairs of ballet flats - brown suede and black leather), a pair of slip-on shoes for J, some more school supplies (looseleaf, notebooks, and a scientific calculator), a GAP shirt for W ($5!!), ate some pizza, and went grocery shopping. We gave K a new Sidekick 3 phone last night to celebrate starting high school. She hasn't put it down since. It's all she's wanted for about 4 months. With the exception of new bikes for J and W, the kids are pretty much set for the year and better not ask for another damn thing. LOL.

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