Tuesday, August 28, 2007

We are just taking it easy until after Labor Day. K is all ready for school and J and W are ready to begin their new schedule. We were going to start this week - as a practice week - but J wants to wait til K is in school. She's distracting, I guess, lol. W wants to start ASAP but not without J. We all decided to just wait til next week. It's ok. I'm still re-organizing anyway. I redid the girls' room the other day. 4 big bags of garbage and 5 big bags of donated clothes later, it's looking great. The church came this morning to pick up the donated clothes. Ahhh. I love getting rid of stuff. This week I'll work on fixing up W's room. His room is just slightly cluttered, but his bookcase needs purging and his drawers need reorganizing. Then I'll work on buying new storage pieces for everyone.

Dance starts up again soon. First a street fair, then the parent meeting, then auditions all about a week apart. For auditions, the kids have to pick a song, create their own dance and costume, and perform it for everyone. J's just about completed hers. She's been practicing out in the backyard for a few weeks with K cheering her on. She's got about 3 weeks to go. W's enrollment for basketball is in 2 weeks and K starts school on the 4th. She has a student convocation on Aug 30th to get more acquainted with the school and get her locker. There are a few school clubs she's interested in joining already. I think this is going to be a really good year.

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