Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The weekend was quiet. We planned to go to the Thunderbird Powwow at the Queens County Farm on Sunday - but it rained. So we stayed in and watched movies instead. Swimming this week was great again. The kids put all the stuff they've learned (kicking, arms, breathing, and the "superman glide") all together and performed a pretty darn good "freestyle". After swimming lessons, J went to the beach with her friend A, and A's family. They had a blast and didn't get home til almost 9pm! I took W to a (free) magic show at one of our libraries. It was really funny and lasted over an hour. W loves magic and couldn't wait to take one of the magic books home with us to learn some tricks.

K's uniform should be arriving this week. She's very excited to begin high school. Soon we'll do the whole "back-to-school-shopping" thing, but since there's a uniform, we'll mainly shop for accessories. K says the mall is calling out to her. I just can't wait for the supply sales. There's nothing better than the feeling you get after buying crayons, glue, and notebooks at a quarter each. I stock up for the year.

J and W still want a daily/weekly homeschool schedule, so ok. Since J enjoys academically being a grade above where she's "supposed to" be, she's ready to start a 7th grade course of study in the fall. This week she's been going over an entire 6th grade one, filling in any gaps with ease. So far her focus has been on math, but she plans on including language arts, science, and social studies before the summer is over. It amazes me how much she likes these quizzy websites. Topics tend to branch off into so many other areas. She can spend hours on it. I know it's because she owns her learning. No pressure, no demands, no stress. What a novel concept, lol.

W is like that as well. I'm not really focusing on grade level with him, though. What he learns encompasses several different grades. Technically, though, he will be starting 1st grade (according to the state). He's pretty much finished up what is considered first grade, anyway. Just this week he was doing workbook pages and quizzy game websites on alphabetical order, telling time, counting coins, and skip counting (2s and 5s). At the library, (along with the magic book) he was adamant about borrowing a middle-school level atlas and a book on everyday life in Ancient Rome. J would probably like those as well. Homeschooling is so damn fun. :^D

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