Sunday, April 20, 2008

J was at a friend's house the past 2 days creating and running a juice-and-cookies stand on the block. They did very well, I must say. Yesterday they made over $15 selling a well tested grapefruit-orange juice combination in small cups for $.50 each. They used the "free sample" ploy and got most of the tasters to come back for more. A few people put a dollar in the jar just because they were so cute, lol. Today they decided to reinvest some of the money they made back into their business. They made a big poster for their stand and bought more juice, a case of water, and cookies. The weather wasn't as great as yesterday, but they still made about $9. Not bad for a couple of little entrepeneurs.

Both kids wrote out their reports for an upcoming hs geography club event this week. I helped W with his. I have to say that not only has W's reading ability jumped ahead several more hurdles, but his handwriting is gorgeous! It came out to a page long and he's so ready to read it in front of the group. J wrote up a couple of pages already and will probably enhance her report with pictures like she always does.

B's and my 15th wedding anniversary was this weekend. We bought ourselves a new GPS to celebrate! J and W presented us each with cards and gifts (K slept over a friend's and wasn't there). They used some money from their Easter gift cards to spend on us - I got all choked up. J got me a beautiful magnet and B a picture frame. W got me a lip gloss and B a small address book. They did this all on their own and I am so incredibly proud of them.


Lilia said...

I have great kids. Happy Anniversary!

marleygal said...

Happy Anniversary!
You and B have done a great job in raising loving children.