Monday, April 07, 2008

Just got back from a long competition weekend. J's day was Saturday - we got to the venue around 9am and left there around 11pm. It was a very very long day, but her numbers were spaced out pretty well and there were some good periods of downtime for eating, hanging out, and relaxing. W had friends there to play with and since the weather was nice, he had lots of outside time to Heely and throw a ball around. By the time we got back to the hotel, we were all totally wiped out. We left after breakfast on Sunday morning and did some more relaxing when we got home. None of us wanted to move, we were just so tired. But we still had a great time, lol. The top scores were silver, gold, and platinum and except for a few numbers, everyone in J's studio came away with a silver award. This was probably the toughest judging I'd ever seen. Now we have one more schduled competition this coming weekend and then we're doing an optional in Queens in May.

K stayed with MIL this weekend and slept over a friend's house Saturday night. MIL really enjoyed her company for the weekend and took her out to eat on Friday night. My sister took her out Saturday afternoon for a few hours to get Indian food and walk around the shops over in the next town. It was so nice that they got to spend time together. K loves going to the competitions, but I can see how it can get real boring for her when it's all day long like this one was. Next weekend the venue is in Long Island right near my mom's house, so we'll all stay there instead of a hotel. It's great because my whole family can come see J dance.

This morning W sat on the couch reading a Captain Underpants book and J did several pages in a Spanish workbook. We played a few games of Set, J cleaned out a caboodle-type box to maybe use for her dance accessories, and W is trying to dissect a plastic dinosaur head while making, playing back, and warping a bunch of his own voice recordings. I love watching where the day takes them.

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