Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The kids are doing great with their schedule. They still look forward to getting started in the mornings. It's nice that they love Charlotte Mason's methods - there's nothing tedious or boring about them. One thing that they enjoy about this method is doing many subjects with short lessons (15 min max). I will even use a timer - the kids love that. Of course if there's something they want to keep doing, that's fine. This week they've been focusing on reading, writing, math, readalouds, art, science, history, and geography.

J is liking The 5 People You Meet in Heaven and W read Green Eggs and Ham and The Foot Book to me. J's writing was copywork of Rosetti and Wordsworth poems and W did nursery rhyme copywork and a page or 2 of Writing Sentences. J's still plugging away at the Teaching Textbooks program - she even picked out new yellow headphones to use with it and W's math is from a fun Flash Kids workbook, where he's skip counting by 2s (up to 20), 5s and 10s. He's still into the Magic Treehouse series and we're starting from book 1. He narrates back a great summary of the story, his favorite parts, and what he think will happen next. We have about 7 of the books and he piled them right up to read in order with me. Art has been everything from drawing to crafts to creative cooking. The other subjects have been mainly active readalouds, videos, and website games.

Yesterday I was cleaning out the dining room closet and found a double boiler used for melting chocolate. J was so excited at the thought of making chocolate lollipops that we went right out to Michael's Craft and got a bunch of stuff and got right to it when we got home. We got white and brown chocolate, dry-hard icing tubes in 4 colors. We had some old flag and snowman molds and bought some happy-face ones too. We had the best time! The kids were amazing at this! I have to say we made the most beautiful lollipops I've ever seen. When B came home he asked if we bought them - they were that cool. And the kids did it all: boiled, stirred, melted, poured, chilled, and decorated. I oversaw the process and joined in at various steps along the way. J wrapped each one up and wants to give them away at dance tomorrow. I did take pictures, but somehow they've disappeared out of my camera. Oh well. We want to do this again real soon. (another excuse to eat chocolate, lol)


adriana said...

Did you make any photos? I love that ideea:))

NYCitymomx3 said...

I had a bunch but I think on of the kids was using my camera after that and erased them. Iknow, it would have been great to show them off!