Thursday, July 02, 2009


W has picked up the reading bug again.

At 4 he could read all the BOB books, Hop on Pop, and the Starfall stories. Then he hit a plateau for 3 years. Then he flew forward once we started with AO. He never really enjoyed reading, but would do it for me - which I knew wasn't helping matters. He decided that today instead of doing his grammar page, he would just read a book. After 2 pages, he declared, "Wow, I love this book!". It's hard for me to know exactly how well he reads. He prefers to read silently, with only an occasional, "what does this word say?". I do know he is on "grade level" (whatever, if any, meaning that has). I'm not worried in the least, but I wish he understood how cool the world becomes once you can pick up any book and read it. It looks like he's starting to realize that.

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