Sunday, July 26, 2009


So yesterday B and I took the younger kids to audition for a show at a nearby performing arts center. It's a 2-week intensive culminating in 2 Saturday shows. They needed to sing and talk a bit about themselves. I decided against providing our own music since both kids can stay on key with acapella (I usually stay up all night burning & editing CDs). J had no nervousness at all. She went in alone, did her thing, and came out very nonchalant, as if she does this every day. W, on the other hand, was very nervous. He was so excited over the last 2 weeks and couldn't wait for this audition. The night before we went over several songs including "Where Is Love", and "Ben". He was worried about learning all the words to these, so he decided on "Amazing Grace" with its 5 lines of verse. He has a really great singing voice (who knew?) and I was confident for him.

At the last minute (i.e. we're at the place and 3 minutes away from his turn to audition) he decides Ben would be the best choice. We did a quick review and off he went. Thankfully, we got to go in the room with him. It was a large room with 2 people at a table with clipboards and stern faces. B and I found our way to the back. W was asked what he was going to sing and he said, "Ben, by Michael Jackson". They liked that. He sang the whole first verse with power and new-found belief in himself. Then he was asked about his singing and dance experience, but kept referring back to J ("no, but my sister did!") LOL. He did finally tell them about his musical theater and hip hop classes from the last 4 years. They said "thank you" and we left. We are supposed to hear from them this week.

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