Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hall of Science again

We took a ride over to the Hall of Science today. You know we have to get that in as often as we can! Today W watched and participated in 2 demonstrations. One was called "Air Play", which was about the properties of air and how air pressure can be really strong, the other was "The Science of Sports", which went into detail about kinetic and potential energy, aerodynamics, and various reasons why protective gear works so well. W made a craft - a comet made out of a styrofoam ball and streamers (way too young for him and he wished he spent his $2 elsewhere, lol). We also tried out the new mini-golf area. This was just built and has 9 science-related holes. It was cute. I totally sucked at it btw.

Academics was done this morning before we left. We read some Aesops and some Viking Tales, did some math, and played with those flash cards again. Out of the 172 words, he missed 6. He wrote sentences for each of them and then we did a spelling test. I gotta hand it to him - he's starting to remember words from one day to the next AND he's remembering to get into the middle of the words by actually sounding them out. This is a biggie. He is not looking at only the first and last letters and making something up as much anymore.

J and K spent the day with friends and now they're in K's room chatting and laughing together. B started freelancing and is hopeful this week's job will turn into a permanent position. God I hope so too.

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