Saturday, August 08, 2009

The musical theater program is going well so far. They got their scripts the other day and are supposed to memorize them by Monday. One more week to go.

W has been reading aloud to me every day. I set the timer for 10 minutes - the timer is a WONDERFUL thing - and he reads one chapter in the book. We're starting with an easy book for him caled Owl At Home. He is learning to read with inflection and pay attention to the punctuation. He said "wasn't" for "wants", "wild" for "wide", and "cattle" for "kettle". He adds and leaves out the small function words (articles) like a, the, an. He can read words like yesterday and everything, but gets stuck on "is". The word "those" is completely foreign - even after seeing it 100 times. He's such a trooper, though. He's proud of himself for reading 95% of the book with no stumbling.

The summer is still going along as usual though. The kids are always out, playing, working, dancing, totally enjoying life. K went to another sweet 16 party last week. You know, fully-loaded limo to Planet Hollywood with 15 friends. Poor thing never has any excitement in her life, lol.

I'm all ready for fall to start. I'm waiting for our new metrocards to come, new schedules to start, and the new hurdles that are coming (one of which is J's high school preparations). I'm excited, the kids are excited. I love a new beginning.

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