Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Year Begun

It was a fantastic week. J did go to her friend's summer bungalow for a few days. It's a tight-knit Long Island community on the beach where everybody knows everybody, kids are everywhere, and fun activities are going on all the time. There was a masquerade, talent show, basketball games, swimming in the on-site pool, going to the beach, and running around barefoot with about a dozen new friends. I spent every summer about 1/4 mile down the road from J's friend, in a similar development. Such a small world! W has been at the park every day still. He loves it so much. We vary between 2 different playgrounds, each with a different atmosphere. I prefer the one down the block. He has been practicing his skateboard and ripstick and is getting really good at both. Lots of skateboarders are around and W learns from them. They bring some wooden ramps to do tricks on and W cautiously takes a turn, too. K starts school tomorrow. She's excited for a new year.

I'm excited, too. My homeschoolers will have a busier year than usual. AmbOn2 is jam-packed with great stuff. J's eclectic schedule is what she says will get her into "school mode". W has lots of classes and trips already scheduled for autumn and into winter - starting this Friday. J prefers doing her own thing rather than join any homeschool group events, but I'm sure she'll participate in a few. NYC is teeming with things for teens to do. I have dozens of things bookmarked for her already.

Here's to a new year!

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