Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Year Over

W and I will be reading "The White Cat" in The Blue Fairy Book today. This is our last reading for AmbOn1. We start Year 2 on September 9th. Year 1 was fantastic. We read so many beautiful stories and W's reading, vocabulary, writing, reasoning, critical thinking, and storytelling improved immensely over the past year. He was sad to see our large, red Aesop's Fables book be done with. And he really enjoyed reading about King Harald in Viking Tales. That will also be missed.

The rest of this week will just focus on W reading aloud and silently from books of his choice. I'll make a word wall of the words he misses. He'll then take those words and either write them a bunch of times or makes sentences out of them - all on his dry-erase shelf. He's mastered all of the sight-word flash cards but didn't want that to end. Actually, he would pretend to miss words just so he could continue to write them, lol. So when I told him there were tons of words in his books we could use, he was thrilled. We'll also start reading Mr. Popper's Penguins. It's on his AmbOn2 free reading list and it happens to be the book that will be discussed at this month's book club. W's calendar is already getting full with this year's homeschool group classes and trips.

Other than that, we're taking it easy this week. J may spend a few days out at her friend's summer house. K and I may go clothes shopping. K starts school on the 9th. She's going to be a junior and we have to look at more colleges this year. J's school auditions are coming up in a few months and I have to make sure I have all the correct paperwork that goes along with that. B has been freelancing since last week - hopefully this will turn into something full time. This has been the first nibble of a job since March. I'm feeling hopeful.

The weather has been almost chilly in NYC this week. I'm loving that autumn is just about here. My birthday is in 6 days. I'm turning 40. Sigh.

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