Friday, December 04, 2009

December in NYC

This morning W had a Zoo School class at the Central Park Zoo. It was a nice day and the subway took about 12 minutes. I always overestimate how much time it will take, so we were there 45 minutes early, lol. These classes at the zoo are so wonderful. The staff, the exhibits, and the topics are always great. W was in the 7-10 year-old group and they learned all about "Earth's Biodiversity". They spent part of their time in a classroom of sorts and the rest of the time in the zoo's Rainforest. We parents met up with the kids there as they were scrambling around trying to find examples of different rodents, birds, frogs, and reptiles throughout the rainforest to write down on their worksheets. In the rainforest area, you get to walk around among all the animals and birds. It does make a difference seeing them without glass separating them from you.

After the class, we decided to wander around Midtown for a bit. It is full-on tourist season here in NYC and such a fun time of year. Our first stop was F.A.O. Schwarz, that big toy store on 58th Street. The toy soldiers stand outside greeting all the guests and taking pictures with them. Inside, the kids got to be a part of a bunch of toy demonstrations and a magic show. They change things aroung every year and there were a lot of areas we hadn't see before like New Moon, Harry Potter, and Muppets.

We also decided to meet B at work, so on the way was Rockefeller Center and the big NYC Christmas Tree. It was just lit this week. We grabbed some hot dogs and Gatorades on the way over. After a few pics of the tree, the kids spent the next 1/2 hour in Nintendo World. In order these are: Cartier's, St. Patrick's Cathedral, the tree at Rockefeller Center, and Nintendo World. Click on some to make them bigger.

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