Friday, December 18, 2009

Callback #2

J received this letter in the mail today. She got a callback for PPAS (Professional Performing Arts School)! This was from the audition that took place at the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater. This is another great performing arts school. 10% of the school consists of professional working actors. So, kids who are currently on Broadway, filming movies in NYC, or do a tv series here would more than likely go to this school.

The sucky thing about choosing a NYC high school is that even if you get selected for every performing arts school you audition for, the main school board computer only matches you to your first choice. You never even know if you were accepted anywhere else (except for LaGuardia, which is in its own category). Well, J has her heart set on only one school. February cannot get here fast enough. Here's a couple of NYT articles...

NYT - Auditioning Their Hearts Out for High School

Firm Resolve Hides Jangled Nerves (J and I were there at this one)


Anonymous said...

i got a callback aswell! but im in the 9th grade and i was not able to attend my ppas callback last year, and they didnt have any make up dates. so excited! ill probably see her there! my name is Lee by the way:)

Anonymous said...

i also have a question for you
my mother is thinking of taking me out of public school, i attend High School For Environmental Studies and i absolutely hate it...
so we are visiting the board of ed today to offficially take me out of puplic school.
do you think this will affect my chances for getting into this school?
if i switch to homeschooling?

feel free to email me

thankyou so much!

and also, me getting in to the school has NOTHING TO DO WITH your child getting in.
there is a different amount of spaces for incoming 9th graders and incoming 10th graders.
so helping me out a bit, by answering this wont change your daughters chances whatsoever.



NYCitymomx3 said...

Hi Lee. Congratulations on your callback! Homeschooling this year will not hurt your chances of getting into PPAS. Just make sure your mom submits all the necessary paperwork. You don't have to visit the Dept. of Ed. You only have to mail a letter of intent.

Good luck. Let me know how things turn out!


xokkaraaleex3 said...

Oh my goodness. Trust me your so lucky you got a callback. Its January 9,2010. I still never got a callback . i auditioned for dance. i didn't think i did horrible but i guess I wasnt good enough since I didn't get a callback. I was histerical crying ! Ive been dancing since I was 3 and I didn't think I did horrible! I even kept up on every move. Well, good luck!

NYCitymomx3 said...

Thanks. Don't worry about PPAS and please don't feel badly about your audition.

woahitzpepsi said...

I was just wondering, does anybody know if it is possible to get into LaGuardia (for dance) without getting a callback? Because I was speaking to one of my friends who did get a callback and she goes to my dance school and we both did the same exact thing (posture, eye contact, slight smile, etc...) and she got a callback but I didn't. And two of the judges kept smiling at me and taking notes after they did so. However, they told us that some people were automatically accepted in, so they wouldn't be getting a callback. Do you think I'm one of those people? Do I have a good chance of getting in?

NYCitymomx3 said...

I'm not sure about that. The LaG website states that the audition has 3 parts: ballet class, modern class, & call back. But on the other hand, I've heard people say that some auditioners are immediately accepted and don't have to go through the callback process. No one seems to know for sure. All you can do is wait til February (I know it's hard, but hopefully it will go fast)

Anonymous said...

We heard the same thing. Many of the girls my daughter dances with did get call backs, and she did not. As our school ranks students and they are regularly competing across the country so we do have ongoing feedback on the level of their dance, and my daughter is ranked higher than 2 of the girls who got callbacks, and who has consistently placed much higher than them in competitions, we are baffled. She knew she did well in the audition.

I know that at the audition yesterday,they were told that some dancers go straight through. How they decide that is unclear. But in our case, a dancer who ranks higher and has danced professionally didn't go through - she got a callback. So who knows? It's a system that makes it incredibly hard on the student, and is in many ways not fair. Plus, as in all things artistic, there is always some element of personal taste.

Whatever happens, don't let this process discourage you. Continue to pursue your dreams.

NYCitymomx3 said...

Here's what LaG looks at: alignment, proportions, construction of the feet, knees, and back, rhythm, coordination, perseverance, flexibility, adaptability and energy, projection, and poise. There may be someone who hasn't had much dance training, but if they have the "potential" - which might mean good feet, they'll make it in. Teachers there have said that they can tell so much about an auditionee by just the way they enter the room. How kids fare at their dance studios (or even in the competition world) means nothing. And it shouldn't be hard on the student. Kids who want to have a career in the arts need to always be prepared for rejection.

I believe the high school system is fair. For over 80,000 8th graders who can choose from hundreds of schools in this city, the ranking system makes sense. I would hate to live anywhere else and be stuck with only my zoned school.

Anonymous said...


NYCitymomx3 said...

Sorry Anonymous, but my daughter only tried out for the high school.

Rosie R. said...

Hi NYCitymomx3! Just read your stories about your daughter J auditioning and getting into LaGuardia. My daughter is auditioning next weekend. We are really nervous. She wants this more than anything.

I have heard that at callbacks, even though they say a 1 minute solo is required, they stop them at 30 seconds or less. Is this true? In case she gets a call back, we are trying to figure out the best 30 seconds of her solo but having a hard time. Any advice you can offer? Thanks!!!

Nervous dance mom in staten island...

NYCitymomx3 said...

Hi Rosie. It's true they may stop the solo before the 60 seconds. Is she cutting down one of her competition solos? If so, then I highly suggest using the section with as much great technique as possible. At the original audition, tell her to make sure she follows directions well and can pick up the routines quickly.

For every group of 25 kids, about 4-7 callback notices are given at the end of the audition. Then the callback audition is about 2 weeks later. You'll have time to get it together.

My daughter (a senior there now!) will be working the auditions next week and the ones in December, so they'll most definitely cross paths.

Good luck and please email me if you have any other questions: