Saturday, January 09, 2010

Callback Craziness

J's callback for Professional Performing Arts School was today. I drove her and B right to the school. The letter said it might take a few hours, so it was easier for B to go today since I had work tonight. It ended up taking over 7 hours. She handed in her academic record, test scores, a 4x6 headshot, and her callback letter before the audition. The callback audition was a couple more intense ballet and modern classes, and for some - an interview. There were about 15-20 in her group and more than half of them were sent home. J and about 6 others made it to the interview stage. They let her down to get something to eat, but she went right back upstairs again - bringing her pizza with her. This interview was based on J's academics. They misplaced her paperwork, so the questions were scattered and the whole thing was a bit rushed. She felt good about all of it, though. As usual, she made friends so the day didn't feel so long. Now we wait about a month.

In other news, Game Day in the West Village was awesome this week. J made more friends and is so excited to know there really are still a LOT of homeschoolers out there her age, lol. I'm planning on being a part of more Manhattan stuff so she gets to see them more often. I scheduled a trip for 7th to 10th graders coming up right here in Queens. J isn't so interested in participating in many homeschool activities and classes anymore, so we just found something interesting and booked one ourselves, lol. If this one goes well, we'll do another one.


Anonymous said...

I also had a callback for PPAS, but it was for drama, and there was only one group for drama, i had a 86 average and i didn't get an interview. Does that mean i'm not going to get accepted? Please be honest.

NYCitymomx3 said...

The high school acceptance letters were mailed home and everyone should have gotten their results yesterday. You only get matched to one school in this round. Did you receive a letter with an acceptance somewhere?