Sunday, January 03, 2010

Makin' Stuff

B took W to the Home Depot Workshop for Kids yesterday. He was really looking forward to it since he hasn't been there in a long time. The project was a wooden block calendar. He also got to make an adorable wooden wagon.

W has been in major creativity mode lately. It started a few months ago with clay animation, then pencil sketching, and now cartoon drawing. He's not making actual cartoons, just interesting characters. He has been watching videos on the computer on how to draw different expressions, bodies, eyes and mouths, and backgrounds After using mainly old, lined, notebooks, we took him to Michael's and got him a nice art pad and drawing markers of different thicknesses. I'm glad he's all into drawing now since we'll soon get back into nature journaling. I think new drawing notebooks just for that will be next on the list to buy.

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