Friday, January 01, 2010

What Are We Reading?

We are taking our time getting through AO Year 2. We've just started Week 7. We took a lot of December off and some time around Thanksgiving and Halloween, which slowed us down a bit. W has had a lot of homeschool group classes throughout autumn as well. January is awesome for us because, like September, it's a time for new beginnings. It's the time where you get to re-evaluate what works and what doesn't and re-assess your goals. We've been lucky. The AO curriculum and TT5 are both working out very well for W. So far, there's nothing we want to change. We just want to try and get in more nature study, more art projects, and more French. We tend to move a lot faster in the winter and spring, so I think we'll finish the entire Yr 2 curriculum by summertime (it should work out great since my new thing is taking off December, April, and August). Here's what W and I are currently reading/studying:

Our Island Story (hist) - The Norman kings of England. We're enjoying British history, especially since recent research on has uncovered relatives in England as far back as the mid-1600s.

A Child's History of the World (hist) - Castles in the Dark Ages

The Little Duke (hist) - Young Richard is starting to accept the responsibilities of his dead father

The Burgess Animal Book (sci) - Porcupines, Beavers, Gophers

Tree in the Trail (geog) - Closing in on the 18th Century

Understood Betsy (lit) - Betsy is starting to appreciate and feel more independent with the relatives she dreaded living with. With initial hesitation to this being a "girl book", W has now claimed it as his favorite.

Romeo And Juliet (lit) - Romeo was just thrown out of the Capulet's party.

Farmer Boy (lit): The new teacher taught the bullies a lesson

Doctor Dolittle (lit): The doctor and his animals just escaped from the African king's prison.

Artist Study: Wrapping up Sanzio (Italian Renaissance), now starting John Singer Sargent (American 1856-1925), then Claude Monet (French Impressionist) in the spring.

Composer Study: Finishing up Ralph Vaughan Williams (20th Century British), now starting Edvard Grieg (1890) & Jean Sibelius (nationalists). Then it's Maurice Ravel (1915 - Impressionist) in the spring.

Nature Study: Done now with insects & invertebrates, now we're starting trees. It will be garden flowers and weeds in the spring.

Poetry: Finishing up with Walter De La Mere and we're beginning Eugene Field and James Whitcombe Riley and then some Christina Rosetti in the spring.

French: Having so much fun with this. J has decided to continue French study in high school.

Math: Rounding & estimating to the nearest hundred, word problems, and now, Roman Numerals (up to M)

Master Reader: Reading and spelling drill. Breaking big words into small chunks, 2-syllable words with 2 consonants inthe middle, words with 3 consonants in the middle, 12 essential sight words.

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