Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fall Schedule

So, here's what I'm looking at this fall as a schedule for us.  I'm a list and schedule maker and I like having a guideline to use as a goal.  We probably won't stick with this 100% ( or maybe even 75%, lol) but it's nice to have something to try and keep me on track:

6am    A,B, & J up and dressed
6:30    Drive B & J to the train
7am    K & W up and dressed
7:30   Drive K to school
8am    Breakfast
8:30    AM Routine (Laundry, Beds, Dishes, Bathroom)
           Mon:  Dust, Windex, Wipe ceiling fans
           Tue:   Sweep, Mop bedrooms
           Wed:  Wipe moldings, doors, baseboards
           Thu:   Clean out fridge, Scrub tub
           Fri:     Sweep & Mop living room and stairs
9:30    W - Academics
           Mon:  AO Reading, Spelling, Writing Strands, Read to me, Poetry, Copywork, AO Reading
           Tue:  AO Reading, Spelling, Dictation, Read to me, Poetry, Copywork, AO Reading  
           Wed:  AO Reading, Spelling, Grammar, Read to me, Poetry, Copywork, AO Reading
           Thu:  AO Reading, Read to me, Poetry, Sign Language, AO Reading
           Fri:  AO Reading, Spelling, Writing Strands, Read to me, Poetry, Copywork, AO Reading
           Mon:  Math
           Tue:  Math
           Wed:  Math
           Thu:  Leave for Homeschool group class
           Fri:  Math
           Mon:  AO Reading
           Tue:  AO Reading, Latin
           Wed:  AO Reading, Latin
           Thu:  Traveling to class
           Fri:  Snack
           Mon:  Nature Study
           Tue:  Artist Study, Typing
           Wed:  Composer Study, Greek Alphabet
           Thu:  Quick lunch before class
           Fri:  Leave for science class
           Mon:  Lunch
           Tue:  Lunch
           Wed:  Lunch
           Thu:  Homeschool class
           Fri:  Science class
           Mon:  Track and bike riding
           Tue:  Track and bike riding
            Wed:  Leave for science co-op
            Wed:  Science co-op
            Thu:  Lunch
            Fri: Lunch
            Tue:  Food Shopping
            Fri:  Food Shopping
            Mon:  Leave for work
            Wed:  Leave for work
            Thu:  J - Dance
            Fri:  Drive K to work
            Tue:  J - Dance
            Thu:  Pick B up at train & drive to work
            Fri:  Drive W to scouts
            Mon: Work
            Wed:  Work
            Thu:  Work
            Fri:  Scouts
10:30   PM Routine (Clear table, wash dishes, sweep/swiffer kitchen, clean sink, 10 min pickup)
11pm   Bed


mom of 3 said...

Nice.. I should do smt like that.. if I can find the time and the brain energy it takes to get it all on paper for 3 kids lol

NYCitymomx3 said...

It was fun to make - although I look at it now and wonder what the hell am I thinking, lol. A schedule is easier when you hs only 1. You need to fall into a groove, then on good days, write down what worked and see if you can do it again!

Anonymous said...

Impressive! I also liked your post on all the books and planning for the year ahead. I've started to order some books, check what the library can supply and a schedule is on it's way... I have an ongoing discussion with ds today that goes smt like "ok - in hs we would be doing math right now". I somehow want to give us a feel for what it would be like timewise.
So we are most likely hs come Sept, although dh is not all so certain yet, maybe at 75%...
/Mary in the Bronx.

NYCitymomx3 said...

Congrats on your decision to homeschool! I'm not sure how old your son is, but don't do too much for the first couple of months. Let him take the lead and you can ease into more of a schedule as the months go by. AS far as your dh, I found that keeping a log of what we do during the day helped him come around.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate you input, thank you.
At times I'm so certain this will be the best thing ever for my 8yr old and of course every now and then the "what if's" creep up - so I enjoy reading your seasoned advice and take on hs.
/Mary in the Bronx.