Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Birthday

J turned 14 years old yesterday!  What an amazing day.  It started the night before when she asked if she could open her present at midnight.  We were so excited  about her gift that I ran and got it from the car.  We got J an Asus netbook (highest rated one on consumer reports).  She was almost in tears.  I found a netbook to be way better for her than a laptop right now.  It does almost all the same things anyway - it's just smaller and doesn't have a disk drive (which doesn't matter, because you can download anything with just a serial number now).  She's hardly put it down since.  It has a built-in webcam, is surprisingly quick to load, browse, and watch videos, and I've already downloaded a security suite. It's perfect to do schoolwork on with excellent portability and battery life.  It's a beautiful matte (no fingerprints!) burgundy color and I threw in a soft case for it.  (We gave K the same one - as an early birthday present - since she'll need it when school starts.  She was even closer to tears than J was since she's been asking for one for 2 years.  The girls were both so happy for each other and spent the next 2 hours - yes til 2am - testing out all the features together).  So in case any of you out there have kids who are constantly asking for a laptop, check out a netbook -also knows as a "mini" - instead. :) 

So, one of J's best friends put together a little surprise party at her house yesterday afternoon.  My job was just to get J there by 1.  6 friends were there - which is pretty good since it came together in less than a week, lol.  J was really surprised.  The house had purple birthday decorations all over and the kids had pizza, J's favorite snacks, and a Carvel cake. 

In the evening, the whole family went out for dinner.  My parents and sis and B's aunt (MIL is on vacation) joined us.  It was so nice.  We did cake and candles there.  Mom gave her a CHI hair straightener and a few Capezio leotards for school.  I still have to buy a bunch more leotards and tights for school.  K needs uniform shirts and pants and I still haven't gotten the back to school supplies yet.  School starts in a month.  Yikes that went fast.  I better get moving with that.

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