Monday, August 02, 2010

Dance Challenge & K's New Job

Today is K's first day at her new job!  It's at a wonderful juice bar/health food place about 10 minutes away.  She'd frequented the one near her school, fell in love with the place, and loved most of the menu - including several smoothies and lunch plates.  I'll admit, the food is awesome.  Another one just opened closer to home.  She'll have paid training all summer, then work 4 or 5 days a week after school and on weekends.  She gets free meals and drinks - and tips!  She's ready to start saving for a car.

Also, we just got back from a fabulous 3 days in NJ at an Ultimate Dance Challenge.  J took tons of master classes including:  technique, jazz, lyrical/contemporary, afro-fusion, musical theater, floor barre/ballet, & hip-hop.  Thursday was a mini-competition.  There were 10 studios there bringing about 35 numbers.  J's team brought 4 group numbers (no solos or duets).  One of their groups won overall high score of the day!  It was great!  This number started with about 12 kids (both the older and younger teams) and the whole thing had to be restaged for the 5 kids on J's (younger) team.  They pulled it off with only about 4 rehearsals.  I love that this group works so well together (they've been a team since they were 7).   Then only 5 groups were chosen for Friday's dance-off challenge.  TWO of J's group numbers were chosen!  Out of the 5, they ended up taking 2nd and 4th place.  I was so proud of them.

The hotel was nice.  W spent most of the time in the outdoor pool (thankfully we had great weather).  K brought one of her best friends and my mom joined us as well!  Since we didn't do a Nationals this summer, the 3-day dance challenge was a perfect substitute. 

The rest of  J's August consists of:   her birthday, an orthodontist appointment, a St. Jude's fundraiser, a bunch of new choreography, and her dance orientation for high school.  W has camp til Aug 20th then we'll be finishing up any leftover 3rd grade stuff.   And K will be working and getting ready for her senior year.

Life is so good.

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