Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy Summer!

We had a nice, quiet week. On Sunday we went out to my mom's house for a Father's Day barbecue. The kids swam in the pool and went fishing down at the dock. The weekdays were spent mostly at home, since B took 3 days off of work to rid himself of the flu. K has been going to the park almost everyday to hang out with her friends for several hours. It's only 5 minutes away and she has her phone with her so I'm ok with it. I worry, but if I shelter her from exploring independence, I know I'm going to have a problem in a few years. Right now we have open communication, we laugh, we get along, we hug, and she knows I trust her. I plan on keeping things that way.

J had her voice lesson on Tuesday. She's doing lots of breathing and articulation exercises, low-range practice, and worked on the song she'll be doing. We downloaded the song onto a CD and the VC figured where to cut the song to fit it into less than 3 minutes. We brought it to the dance studio owner who gave it to another person who will do the actual CD editing and should have it for us next week. Once we have the edited CD it will be a lot easier to practice. J also has the dance classes in the evening. She takes 11.5 hours a week which consists of:

musical theater
"jump turn kick" (tech)
hip hop
advanced jazz
"jr. company" (tech)

All classes are 1 to 1.5 hours each (ballet is 45 min). I felt it was too much. I had her only in the mandatory 5 weekly classes the first week. Then she begged me to let her do the "unlimited". This kid would live at the dance studio if I allowed it, lol. Well I'm certainly not going to hold her back if she wants it so much. So until July 13th, she's doing the unlimited classes. And as if this kid's not busy enough, she's also performing at the NJ State Fair on Sunday.

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