Saturday, June 02, 2007

On Wednesday the girls had Creative Writing class. Thursday we skipped class on horseshoe crabs at the environmental center so we could get some cleaning done and start preparing for the recital. Friday we went to the homeschool Art Class. This class was about using acrylics in the style of Van Gogh. They discussed the artist, observed a bunch of his works, and made landscape paintings with large skies and lots of swirls on real canvasses. Here are the kids in action:

After the class, the kids enjoyed the new playground:

Tomorrow is the big dance recital. All 13 costumes are bagged up and in the trunk. I went through all accessories, shoes, makeup, pins, eyelashes, hairspray, lintbrush, hairbrush, hair elastics, earrings, stones, sewing kit, makeup remover, hangers, bobby pins, and tights. I printed out a copy of the run-through order and highlighted all 10 of the numbers my kids are in along with what hairstyle and shoe goes with each. Me and another mom will be stationed in our own dressing area right off the stage for the uber-quick changes we need to help with (her dd - one of J's best friends - is in 10 numbers, too). After the recital the studio staff, company kids, and their families will be going out to a big after-party at a semi-outdoor restaurant in Astoria. The kids are so excited and can't wait!

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