Wednesday, June 27, 2007

W has just about broken the reading code. Really this time. The girls had creative writing class this morning so W and I went into the children's wing and took out a book to read. It was called "Put Me In the Zoo" or something. He quickly read me the first 3 pages before he decided he didn't really like the story so much. He also felt the need to explain each sentence to me after he read it. So I'm seeing some real comprehension there too. You wouldn't believe how proud he is of himself.

K has been meeting up with her friends every day. They hang out at the playground, walk to the manicurist, or each other's houses, or the store. Young teen stuff. She's happy to have a new crowd to be around. They all seem nice, and one girl will be in 9th grade with her at her school in September.

J is heavily in the throes of 2-weeks-before-Nationals-crunch-time. The dancing is being practiced a lot (another hour was added to 2 of her rehearsal days, making her total dancing 13.5 hrs a week - plus an extra hour 2 mornings next week). The studio owner unfortunately had to ban one of the families from participating in Nationals due to funds owed and overall cooperation. This includes one boy from J's team and a girl from the older team. So all the group numbers need to be re-choreographed to make up for the missing kids. UGH.

The vocal stuff is going surprisingly well. At her lesson on Tuesday, the vocal coach was on her feet clapping and cheering after hearing J sing the song. She said J really made the song her own and was so impressed with how she did it. Cool. The CD is finally edited and we've been using it for practice. The studio owner is having J sing it now at every rehearsal - in front of everyone - to offset any nervousness. Now we're working on movement, costume, and projection. I think we can pull this off in 2 weeks. :^O