Friday, June 15, 2007

W is inventing. This whole week he's been coming up with these ideas and "what ifs". He wants to do experiments and buy stuff to build his inventions. He got a composition notebook out yesterday and drew 2 of his ideas in full detail. The first one is a jet-pack, complete with tape recorder, headset, and cupholder - with big eagle wings and a robot head - that is really a transformer that can turn into a car at the push of a button. The other is a car that floats on water and flies over the street - with a bear head and tail. Cool, huh? We're going to Michaels Craft next week to buy supplies!

Today was the End-of-the-Year-Picnic with the homeschool group. The kids had a great time. We had lots of food, toys, a book swap, and the kids were each given a beautiful certificate for grade completion. I am so framing those. I counted at least 45 kids at the park today and they all played wonderfully together for hours. It was great chatting with all the homeschooling parents, too.

I emailed all the homeschool paperwork to the coordinator yesterday, including next years LOIs and IHIPs. I put a "read receipt" on each email, but haven't got them back yet. I'm pretty sure everything is in compliance, so now I shouldn't have to send them anything until the first quarterly in November. I kept a learning log for each of them that's gotten really huge. I do it for myself, but part of me wants to mail it to everyone I know and run down the street with it waving behind me. My kids learned so much this year and had so many great experiences they never would have had being shut up in a brick building all day. This was a fantastic homeschool year and I'm predicting an even better summer!

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