Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Creating Rhythm

When J and W saw the weekly schedule I made for K, they both wanted to have one too. K's schedule is a week's worth of assignments based on the books we already have at home. I also threw in some websites and writing assignments. She wanted to brush up before school and this is how we're doing it. When the younger 2 came to me with wanting this kind of structure, I was a bit surprised. J goes back and forth with what she wants and W usually runs far away from anything structured for him.

So I gathered up all the books, workbooks, and other resources we have and created a weekly plan for both of them. We have so much stuff, that I'm kinda glad I can put some of it to use, lol. I'm using the worldbook guideline as a foundation and we can branch off from there. And of course some Charlotte Mason stuff, too. Today was our second day using a schedule and they both loved it. W actually was very excited to start and kept asking when we could.

This week's schedule was created with their suggestions. I made a detailed list of weekly goals and assignments centered around what they think are fun activities. After 2 days of following this rhythm, I can already see an improvement in their behaviors and attitudes. W's creativity was on overdrive throughout the whole day. And J said she liked having direction. K even joined us for the readaloud this morning. :)

I'll be making a point to keep the tv off during the day and try to get into Manhattan a little more. It's been so hot this week that we just want to stay home in the air condition. When we get back from Nationals I'd like to check out the city events and fill up the calendar. The week we get back, J and W are starting free swimming lessons 3x a week. The museums have summer kid programs, too, I'd like to check out.


Susan said...

I honestly can't imagine how you manage to do it all!! I am completly overwhelmed just trying to get some house work done and heck if I'm lucky we get school in there too. With the 3 older boys (7, 5, 4) and the baby (5 months) I can't even see straight, LOL. I feel guilty half the time and the other half of the time I am stressing because I know it is all because of my lack of organization. I just can't seem to get it together. I definatly envy you.

NYCitymomx3 said...

Sunday is really my only day to organize, regroup, and plan. It's the only day I have free (usually, lol). That's when I do the big cleaning, the meal planning, and the homeschool schedule. I don't do much cleaning throughout the week (only maintenance) and dh does most of the cooking. We work well together I think - and that's important. Written lists are a lifesaver for me. And don't forget, all my babies are big enough to not need constant attention. That makes things easier, too. Don't you dare feel guilty.