Monday, July 02, 2007

The lake upstate yesterday was actually very nice. We're beach people, not lake people, so I was pleasantly surprised at how not-skeevy the lake was. And it was cool, too, because the shore front has sand like a beach (imported sand, but still sand) and then trees and grass a few feet further back. So the kids can dig, get all sandy, and swim, and the adults can relax at a picnic table on the grass while barbecuing with a beer.

Other cool stuff included the handmade water slides on the shore and off the dock, the fish that swam right next to you, and the really really clean bathroom that was only like 20 feet away. Of course I had thoughts of every scary lake movie I've ever seen (Friday the 13th, Creepshow 2, Lake Placid) so I was on the alert for any dead bodies or large, black, murderous globs anywhere in sight. And of course the lake had the infamous scary "lake raft" that the kids could swim to. yikes.

There were lots of kids there, too. W played tetherball and basketball, J did some gymnastics on the sand and the grass, and K took pictures and tanned. All of them helped dig a trench and fill it so the water made a stream flowing back into the lake, and they all swam and went down the slides a ton of times. We had a big barbecue, birthday cake, and saw family we only see several times a year. It was a nice break from the busy weeks we're having.

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