Saturday, July 07, 2007

This week was busy. K is still hanging at the park, going to friends' houses, or walking around shopping with friends almost every day. She's loving the independence. She's home before 5 (they all head home by dinnertime) and I always know where she is and who she's with, so I'm cool with it. She calls whenever they change locations and budgets her money very well throughout the week. It's hard for me to let go like this - especially in the city where the world is a little more dangerous. She's pretty streetwise, though. We've lived here our whole lives and instinctually just "know" who, what, and where to avoid. She'll be taking the bus to school by next year, so getting to know the terrain on her own now prepares her a bit I think.

J had lots of dance this week. She's really been at the top of her game lately and is blowing away the teachers. She does 2 toe-touch jumps in her solo and her legs fly above her hipline now. She's going to carry this solo over next year as well as learn a new one in the musical theater category. And she's still undecided about sticking with vocal for next year's comp season. Speaking of which, at the final rehearsal this week, J sang and several people cried - including the studio owner and one of the teachers. I cried too, when B told me about it after work. She picked out a pink and black Jessica Mclintock dress, black ballet flats, and matching earrings and necklace to wear for the performance. Her voice lesson went well this week and I schedule 2 for next week. J also went to her friend's house yesterday. They went to the park across the street, went in the park pool, and watched a movie back at the house. Today she went with another friend to the mall and back to her house to swim in her pool.

W has been hanging out with me mostly this week. He's been enjoying the park, the backyard, and seeing friends at the dance studio. He's been helping out at home with the cleaning and cooking. He told me early in the week that he has decided to not only eat healthy from now on, but wash his face and brush his teeth before bed every night. I bought us all new toothbrushes and he's kept to his word. He's still inventing and has more ideas on what he needs to build with. This is a fun age. He seems to have outgrown most impulsive behaviors and is becoming incredibly mature and introspective.

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