Friday, March 07, 2008

Although we have a daily/weekly schedule, life tends to get in the way of it often. J has been asking for it again...a lot. She definitely does not like flying by the seat of her pants throughout the day with suggestions and ideas from me. She wants me to enforce the written schedule by laying everything out, sitting with her, and acting more like "teacher" than suggestion-maker or encouraging bystander. She wants to know what her week has in store ahead of time. She wants to learn a million things and wants to learn them "right" - and I'm the major factor in that. There are another million things she can and has learned without me (dance, computer everything, fashion, art, songwriting, etc), enjoys delving into those on her own, and learns more constantly. But she wants to excel at academics like her friends, and she needs my help keeping it all organized and complete. I get it now.

I have noticed also that W's whole attitude and behavior changes for the better when his morning has a rhythm to it and the tv stays off. He enjoys having a schedule and loves completing his "work" to show daddy later.

So, that's what it will be. Starting next week I plan on creating a new, fun schedule with the kids input, incorporating plenty of academics using the books, programs, activities, and methods they love so much. It may seem to swing away from the pure unschooling that I've become so fond of, but in a way, since this is what the kids want and are asking for, I believe it still falls under that umbrella. I still find a problem using any coercion or punishments with this, though. I'll direct, they have total input. Looks like a plan to me. Any feedback on this will be very appreciated :)

K sang beautifully in her school talent show this week. She sang "Only Hope" and it did bring me to tears. The theme was black-and-white and she wore a gorgeous black tunic shirt/dress with a plain white tank underneath, lace-bottomed capri leggings, and strappy wedge shoes. I curled her hair and she wore silver hoop earrings and bracelets. She loves performing. I think she'd really enjoy being a part of the community theater productions in the area.

We're leaving today for a competition in NJ. All of J's numbers (7 of them) are on Saturday. The older team has their solos tonight and their groups Sunday. We're leaving early on Sunday to spend the day celebrating W's 7th birthday - which is tomorrow! I can't believe my baby is 7!


bethany said...

Happy Birthday W!!!!

mom of 3 said...

wow! W is 7! he's getting big
Wish him a happy b day from us :)

NYCitymomx3 said...

Thanks guys!