Saturday, March 15, 2008

That little video camera is getting a LOT of use. W is making videos of everything and everybody and he and J are learning how to make stop-motion videos. It's uploaded onto the computer and they can watch what they've made immediately and edit parts of it. It's so cool.

On Wednesday, J and W went to the doctor. Both are in perfect health! I put the well-checkups off for a couple of years because my favorite pediatrician in the world retired and I didn't like anyone else. So a few weeks ago I figured I'll just use the replacement in the office and set up an appt for the kids. How happy was I to find out that my pedi decided retirement wasn't working for him and CAME BACK! Woooohoooo! He was just as wonderful as ever.

He mentioned that J needed a booster shot (DTP). He said the age used to be 15, but they lowered it to 11/12. I told him the kids are homeschooled and don't have to follow the school vaccine schedule. He always gave the vaccines at the far end of the timeline, which I loved. And he was fine with J waiting on that booster. And then he jumped into a few hundred homeschooling questions. He was genuinely curious without judgement. He said he was fascinated by it and I explained what we do and how we do it. I've always been off his beaten path (extended breastfeeding, soy milk, cloth diapers, family bedding, etc) where he'd look over his glasses at me funny, so he's used to me. He asks tons of questions and we end with him willing to do further research on it. I love him. (He is also the "question the pediatrician" doctor in a major parenting magazine) Anyway, J is in the 50%-ile for both height and weight and "looks like an athlete", lol. W is in the 90th%-ile for both height and weight. Yeah, he'll probably be a linebacker. Great visit, and when the pedi said to come back in a year, he added, "I'll be here!"

J's pics are up from the competition last weekend. Go to Scroll down and click on "stage shots/order". Then click on "American Dance Awards". Then click on "Trenton". Then click on "270-279". Make sure you have 25 thumbnails per page. Go to page 7 (out of 14). Click on image #7970 (bottom row, middle) and that's J's carry-over number from last year. You can use the single forward arrow to see the rest of her shots.

We went to the Hall of Science again the other day after the kids' circus class. I got more info on the lab the kids can use and W is going to start doing the Science and Art Fridays they have there. We were only there a couple of hours. It was fairly empty and the kids had a great time. We were joined by an NYU student who is doing a paper on homeschooling. He wantd to tag along with us on one of our "field trips" and I think he had a fun time with us, lol. Hi T!

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Lilia said...

Wow! Your daughter is an impressive dancer! Those jumps were FABULOUS!!!

I'm so glad so wrote about your pediatric visit there. It put a smile on my face to see bits of common ground...I had both kids with a midwife (in CA) at a birth center (both total natural births) and breastfed exclusively initially and with the first one for 20 months. Whew! Who knew so much milk could come from an A cup. :-D In CA we too had a very progressive pediatrician and most families there tended to be similar in parenting styles. We did the family bed for a few years and now that both kids are older and each sleep in their own beds we still have plenty of opportunities for cuddle time. I only did part cloth diapers and both kids were completely off of diapers by age 2. Needless to say, I am certainly enjoying getting to know you through here. ;-)

A little update... we've completed our first week and a half of home learning and all of us are truly enjoying it. I just received the "welcome packet" from NYCHEA so hopefully we'll begin to connect to other families in the next few weeks. I feel pretty good about what we have going so far but i do look forward to give Anika the opportunity to make a friend she can relate to. I'm sure it is just a matter of time.