Tuesday, March 18, 2008

On Saturday W had a basketball game! It was the last day of the clinic and the 16 kids played each other. W's team was blue and the other team was yellow. W had lucky number 7 on the back of his shirt. The scoreboard was lit up bright showing the Home and Away teams scores and counting down the seconds. It was so exciting! W scored the only basket for his team which was very cool. He also scored once in the wrong basket and tended to steal the ball from his own team members, but hey, I still think he's a natural at this. Watching a bunch of 7 year old boys play basketball is truly entertaining. The girls team went before them and I can't tell you how different that team is. The girls listen, they go right to their positions, they sit nicely on the sidelines, they cheer in unison. The boys, on the other hand, were chasing each other around before the game, tackling each other, wrestling the ball out of each others hands, going in all different directions on the court, and totally loving every second of it all. Ah, childhood.

The kids had CCD on Sunday. W did a little report on St. Francis, along with an awesome picture he drew and got an "A+ Great Job!" on it. He was very excited about that. He enjoyed doing the project and mentioned how much writing he's getting done, lol. We drove out to visit my mom for antoher birthday celebration for W. I think it was his 4th one. My sisters, nephew and niece were there, too. W's cousin is 7, too and I love that they get along great.

Yesterday morning J's copywork was a section of The Charge of the Light Brigade (Tennyson) and then we spent about an hour on a new vocabulary book. She loved it. It's all about understanding the meanings of new word by using context clues. They really set it all up in a fun way. We decided to try and use all the new words as many times as we could throughout the day. W did a few pages of Writing Sentences and sat with us during the vocabulary.

In the afternoon we went to TRU to spend W's giftcards. He got a new Operation game, Shrinky Dinks, Rubik's Revolution, a Cube World thing, a huge Spiderman ball, a smaller blue ball, a video game, something for J, and a few other small toys. I saw "SET" and bought that. I have been hearing good things about it and just had to try it out. We played it last night when I got home from work and I think it's as great as everyone says. It took a while to get the hang of it, but Wow, when they got it, they got it. I can see how it really gets them thinking and examining details. And it was fun, too!

This morning the kids made a ton of Shrinky Dinks. I used to love those. We'll play a game of Set in a few minutes, I'll clean for an hour while the kids do some seatwork, then I'll pick up K from school, drop J off at dance at 4, drive home, and get the car service to work at 4:30 so B has the car to get J later. I'm tired already, lol.

J has 3 dance competitions in a row coming up: the weekends of March 28, April 4th, and April 11th. Well, at least I got the routine down now. She has lots of rehearsals too. And she'll do a vocal solo in at least 2 of them. She's had a slight cold, so she's done no singing practice at all, but I think she has so much more confidence this year. The kids' circus class show is April 25th, there will be at least 1 or 2 more dance comps in May, then it's the June recital - then summer is here already. That was fast.

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