Tuesday, June 17, 2008

All W

B, K, and I watched W at football practice on Sunday. We brought our fold-out chairs and relaxed with coffee and rolls on the grass. I loved every minute of it. The boys started with a lap around the park, jumping jacks, and running exercises. Then the 10-11 y/os went one way to practice and the 6-9 y/os went the other way. W's group started with the tackling dummies. The coach is a great instructor and I can see W has a lot of respect for him already. Listening and following directions are a must - and a lot of these kids are learning that the hard way. W got a lot of praise for his tackling - lots of high-5s and "YES!s". B was impressed with W's form, too. I'm sure B won't miss any of W's practices. In the above video, W is the kid in the middle with the white shirt - you can see the coach clapping for him at the end, lol. The last 1/2 hour was spent with the boys learning their first play. They put W as tight-end and they ran a few plays like that. I'm curious how the kids are going to do with equipment on. Of course my first thought was how cute W's going to look and wondering what kind of photo package I can get, lol. After practice we picked up J (who's singing solos with her friend A in the church choir) and headed out to my parent's house for Father's Day.

J spent the day yesterday at A's house, and W and I went to the Hall of Science. It's one of his favorite places in the world and he asks to go very often. Thank God we get in free (and live 5 minutes away) or we wouldn't go so much. He had a blast, as usual, making sure we hit every floor and every section. We only caught one demo (laser light) since we got there so late. But we do it on purpose to avoid the deluge of unruly school kids. We did run into a few kids who were just loud and obnoxious - W came right over to me and said, "See? This is why I choose not to go to school". I LOL'd and was thankful about that as well. Here are some pics:

W ended up getting 2 patches at the cub scout awards ceremony last week - one for the parade and one for fishing. He got a birthday party invitation from one of the kids and a bunch of them are already planning summer playdates. It's nice that one of his new friends lives right up the block from us. I might look into other summer activities for him if he's interested, too. The kids will be doing a lot of CM activites over the summer to ease gently into Ambleside's Years 1 and 6 come September. We've already got the whole thing planned and they're very eager to get to it. So the summer will have lots of readalouds, nature studies, a bit of copywork writing, listening to more classical music, visiting more museums, doing more art projects, and J will continue with her math program. I'm happy that they're happy with it. I'm still getting used to the heavier emphasis on academics - they still need to prod me into action most mornings, lol. But I'll get there. I do think we're in for a terrific summer.

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