Friday, June 13, 2008

Today was the last day of the kids' circus class for the season. They loved it so we're thinking about signing up again in the fall. The did a lot of cool things today. First, they walked in, crawled in, and glided along the outside of the huge hamster wheel. This looked like a lot of fun and I wanted to jump in there with them. Then they did tricks on the big circus ring. The instructor was inspired by the Circus of the Stars that was on last night and had them hang, swing, and spin on it. Finally it was trapeze time and they did some cool tricks on that and flipped off of it onto the mat. It was sad to see it end already. The instructor came up to me at the end of class and mentioned that she thinks J would be great in their kids company. I asked about it and she said the kids practice every Friday afternoon and get to perform often. She also said it's only for kids who are "selected". J just looked at me with her jaw on the floor. She couldn't believe she was actually selected for this team of kids. They know she has a heavy dance schedule but they want us to consider it anyway.

J was also excited to be a part of "ballet 2" and soon "acro 2" in the summer dance intensive. These are the highest levels and she really wanted to be in those. She's starting vocal training next week, too. She'll be trying out the new coach we found to see if they "connect" at all. She seems pretty set on the song she'll be competing with next season and we just need to copy what we downloaded onto a CD and have it cut to under 3 minutes. So next season, in addition to the 5 or 6 group numbers she'll be in, she'll have 2 dance solos (if we carry over one), a dance duet, and a vocal solo for competition.

W has football practice every Sunday morning during the summer. He's getting his uniform and equipment next week, too. The coach said they ease the kids into getting used to all the heavy gear. They start out with just helmets and move forward from there. I had a nice conversation with the coach today. I called to get the summer schedule and found out he played for this team himself starting at age 9 and continued throughout his teens. He played football in high school and college and went semi-pro. By that time he'd started a family and was still working full-time and after a few years he knew his family was more important and put football away for a while. I'm glad W's got him. He's awesome with the kids and really knows what he's doing. W gets a cub scout patch tomorrow at their awards meeting. That's it for scouting for the summer. It picks up again in September. And W is asking to take tap dance lessons over the summer. His friend is in the little dance company and W wants to learn to tap like him, lol. I'll see if we can swing that for him.

And my darling teenager is thrilled that her last day of school is Monday. Then it's just 3 Regents exams and she's out for the summer. She's been keeping busy at friends' houses, street fairs, movies, shopping, etc. Typical teen stuff. I'm not sure what she want to do during the summer - probably more of the same, lol. She did express interest in taking musical theater again in the fall at the dance studio. I'm glad. She is great at that kind of thing, but doesn't like to commit to anything long-term. She's the kind of kid who has tried everything (gymnastics, dance, aikido, violin, drama, cheerleading, cooking class), loses interest after a while, and wants to move on to the next fun thing. She's definitely a free spirit.

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