Monday, June 02, 2008


W had his first football practice yesterday. He'll start in the 5-7 group this year where he'll learn all the basics of football and get used to the training. There were about 10 kids in his group - most of them 7 y/o. They started with jumping jacks and laps around the park. Then they learned proper "stances" and the coaches threw the ball around to them a bit. After that, they practiced ramming into tackling dummies. It was great to watch. W said that was his favorite thing - which I so knew would be, lol. They also did other drills, like knee-up running, relay races, obstacle running, and agility on the running ropes. The coaches are akin to drill sergeants - they are very no-nonsense yet really treat the kids with maturity and respect. W likes that and responds very well to it. It was rough, it was tough, it was disciplined, and best of all it was incredibly fun for him and he cannot wait to do it again!

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