Sunday, June 22, 2008

We had an easy relaxing week. I've been planning and replanning how we're going to rearrange this apartment into 4 bedrooms. I think I got it now and I'm actually starting the moving and cleaning today. There is still a bunch of things we need to buy (blinds, mirrors, doors, chairs, a bed, a couch, and paint) but we'll get those as we can - a couple of things a month maybe. I think we're all going to love how this turns out.

K completed 2 regents exams already. One more on Tuesday and she gets 2 months and 2 weeks outta there. It so unbelievable how school changes kids. Well, at least they get every summer to de-stress and find themselves again. I've always loved summer for that reason. I'm already planning lots of family stuff to do.

J has been hanging out with her friend A almost every day. They are still running their "snack shop" and making some good money. The other day they decided to take some of that money ($50) and get their second ear piercing and a few other things from Claire's. J's dance studio did a cancer "Relay for Life" fundraiser on Saturday. She did 2 group numbers and just hung out and picnic'd with friends the rest of the evening. The big, grassy park was the perfect place to get her back handsprings down pat.

W had a good time at the fundraiser. He has 4 regular 7/8 y/o friends from the dance studio - 1 is a dancer and 3 are other little brothers. They played tag and football and got their faces painted.

After football yesterday, B took W to the playground. J had slept over A's house so K and I had the house to ourselves. It was the perfect opportunity to clean and move furniture! I filled about 3 bags of garbage, took apart a breakfast nook bench, found clothes everywhere and made a huge pile, swept an mopped every exposed floor area, and rearranged a bunch of stuff. The dining room is now the dining-living room. It has a table and chairs, couch, TV, coat closet, pantry, china cabinet, and art center (which I'm transferring to the china cabinet today). K was a huge help. B and W got home around 3 and by 4pm B decided to take the kids to see Kung Fu Panda. I was very appreciative of that since I do my best rearranging with no one underfoot. It looks awsome, btw. The old living room is now 2 bedrooms - one for each girl. Large armoires (one facing each of them) are the room divider and the beds are in.

Today I need to transfer the girls clothes into the armoires, the art shelving into the china cabinet, the empty art shelving into the kitchen, the fish tank to K's room, the books to new bookcases, our homeschool books into the china cabinet, and 2 boxes of videotapes to the basement. Then the girls can decorate their rooms the ay they want to. The china cabinet is huge and I've always felt it was too big for the apartment. After 15 minutes of is being a display case (with storage underneath), it will now be used to house some of our homeschool and art supplies with the pretty display stuff (Hummels, crystal, chinaware, Precious Moments, and certain memories) right in the middle. I'm still thinking about how things should look.

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