Wednesday, March 11, 2009


As much as we love AmblesideOnline, I will admit we have been dropping some of the scheduled readings. First we dropped all the religious ones. My kids have plenty of outside religious instruction already - don't need it. We've also dropped some books with somewhat disturbing religious undertones. Sorry, don't need that, thankyouverymuch. Then there are some books that are just so uninteresting, that I see no reason to continue with them. I dropped 2 like that from J's list, and may drop 1 from W's list. I'm proud of myself that I've loosened up enough to change pre-set things around to suit our needs. It is OK to mix in more contemporary books - even a bit of twaddle, gasp! - among all the classic stuff. Also, it states right on AO's introduction page that "Parents may use as much or as little of the booklists and schedules as they like". I've gotten over that feeling of "blasphemy". Feels good. :)

J has another competition this weekend. This is gonna be a biggie. It may be the one who's Nationals we're doing. W will stay at my mom's for the weekend and B, K, J, and I will be heading out to NJ early Friday afternoon. J has all 3 solos on Friday evening. Her five group numbers go on Saturday and Sunday. We're still stoning costumes and buying shoes and last minute supplies, but the hotel is booked and it seems the comp schedule gives J enough time for outfit changes. 2 new group numbers are going out this weekend and I'm so excited to see how they look.

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