Thursday, March 26, 2009

Worm Composting

Yesterday W and I went down to the Lower East Side to a worm composting workshop. We met up with about 20 families at the Mulberry Street library. One of the moms read us all a story about recycling. A woman from the LES Ecology Center came and talked all about recycling, composting, organic material, living/nonliving things, and worms, of course. The kids were great. They were all eager to answer questions and were very into the topic. She sprayed all the kids' hands with water and they all got to hold some worms. Each child also got his own mini composting bin. They ripped old newspaper pages into strips, wet them, wrung them out hard, and lined their bins with it. Then 3 or 4 worms were placed in everyone's bin. All we have to do is feed it something a couple times a week and keep it away from too much heat or cold. Since compost is basically worm poo, it's starts being made right away. I think we'll try growing some vegetables this year in containers in the backyard. We used to grow peppers, zucchini, and herbs years ago. I think we should do it again.

A few more books are disappearing from our AO schedule. And the AO schedule has been disappearing too, lol. J decided she wants to create her own schedule, using most of the workbooks and some of the reading books she uses now. I know she prefers more control over how she utilizes her time so I'm kind of surprised she went along with a pre-set schedule for this long. I'll see if W would like to continue with (the perpetually shrinking) AO schedule or make his own like J. I'm thinking the latter would be way more fun for him. Then again, he may not even want a schedule. It's all good. The kids have been learning so much lately - even more now that the weather is better and we can hit the city. I'm looking forward to a fabulous spring.

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