Monday, March 30, 2009

Prospect Park Zoo

Today, W went to the first of a series of classes at the Prospect Park Zoo. He and about 11 other kids had a wonderful time learning about animal adaptation. They saw which covering (fur, feathers, or scales) keeps water temperature the warmest - which would be comparable to which keeps an animal's body the warmest. They looked at different animal skulls, talked about its characteristics, and guessed what they were. They also got to pet a blue-tongued skink. The class is for 2nd to 6th grades and W loved seeing some of his friends there. The instructor was fabulous and really knew how to reach the kids. Even though it's set up a bit like "school", it's very relaxed, interactive, and so interesting. All the kids were eager to answer questions and volunteer. She couldn't believe that everyone's hand went up when she asked about the eating habits of a polar bear or how a porcupine uses its quills for defense. I was so impressed at how much they knew. We had never been to this zoo before. I'm glad we get to keep going for the next few weeks!

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