Sunday, March 29, 2009

Random Weekend

W spent much of the weekend at the park - tag, cops & robbers, and basketball are his usual games there. He finally found his skateboard (we left it at my mom's, oops) and he's ready to learn some more moves with that. There are a couple of kids on our block and in the park around his age who skateboard, and I can tell he wants to join in. Other parts of his weekend included the Friday cub scouts, Sunday CCD, and suit shopping for his First Holy Communion in 5 weeks. We're having no luck with that yet. MIL offered to buy it, so we're heading out to one more store this morning.

He decided to make a list of his favorite things to do and keep it out so he can remember to do them, lol. This includes bike riding, skateboarding, gardening, going out to cool places, playing Wii, and cooking. It also includes science stuff (nature walks, readings, experiments, etc), math workbook, reading his books (alone, silently), readalouds like Paddle to the Sea and Aesop's Fables, and copywork. The academic stuff he wants to keep doing in the mornings.

J had dance rehearsal on Friday for a couple of hours and then a sleepover. On Saturday she had 2 birthday parties: one at a restaurant at 2pm, and the other was a house party at 7pm (to midnight!!). And Sunday she was webcamming with her friends all day. She's still figuring out a schedule for herself. I'm curious to see what she does. She has another party this Friday and another competition this weekend as well.

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