Monday, July 12, 2010

Camp Update

So, as nervous as I was on Thursday when W started camp, things are going incredibly well.  I had a huge knot in my stomach leaving him there that first day.  One of the counselors is a 4th grade teacher and gave the usual fixed smile "ohhhhhhhh" after our answer to "where does he go to school".  I just hoped it wasn't going to be like sitting in a classroom for 10 hours.  I went down to see the main camp area and saw that W was already given breakfast (cereal, milk, juice) and that it was nice and cool in there.  The 4th grade teacher made sure he moved down to sit next to some of the other kids.  I walked out of there a little worried.  It sucks being the new kid. 

I told W that if he needed me at all, for any reason, he could tell one of the adults he wanted to call me.   By noon he still hadn't called.   I knew that they played outside in the water at around 12:30, so I drove over and inconspicuously parked across the street from the playground area.  I watched W for about a 1/2 hour.  I know, I'm crazy.  But I wanted to see how well he was getting along with the other kids and that he was having fun.  He seemed to have made quite a few friends and looked like he loved being there.  Ok, good.  I can go home and relax now, lol.

He came home raving about his day again on Friday (no, I didn't spy on him again, lol).  Then he talked all weekend about how he couldn't wait for Monday.  I'm actually very happy that he loves it.  Gone are the days where you can just let your kid run wild outside, not see him all day, and then call him in for dinner.  I grew up in that time of carefree fun and it was great.  Unfortunately, nowadays, we are more aware of stranger danger and what could happen, and how frightening it is when your child is out of your sight.  You could live in the city or the most rural woods - someone could be watching your child, waiting for that moment he's alone, and then just snatch him away.

I am grateful to have a place W can go where it's fun, he has friends, and he is safe.  He's already hugged me and thanked me for letting him go there (and hugged and thanked MIL for finding it for him).  Too bad schools aren't run like camps.  Imagine how great schools would be if they allowed for more freedom, more fun, more outside time, more cool activities, more socializing time, more socializing with different age groups, snack time in all grades, and making learning enjoyable.  What a concept, huh?


mom of 3 said...

oh I'm glad he loves it.. I was thinking that too, gone are those days..and umm I woulda checked on him too so ur not crazy :)

NYCitymomx3 said...

Thanks, B. How's your summer going? We have to get together soon.

Eclectic Homeschoolers said...

I love this post about your parking and watching. Thanks for a great blog! I just awarded you a beautiful blogger award. You can see it here

NYCitymomx3 said...

Thank you for the nice award. I feel honored.