Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Summer is going so fast.  It's already the end of July.  J started her summer reading for high school and chose The Outsiders to read first.  She's still not much into reading, so thankfully that book seems fairly lightweight - and it's on the list.  The next book she's going to read is called The Glass Castle.  That one is mandatory and a project will be due.  We're getting ready for her dance challenge next weekend.  Then she starts working on a performance for a fundraiser that's in August, and then she starts on her new dance solo for the upcoming season.  This year she chose "lyrical" and she was lucky enough to get an excellent choreographer who is flying in from California for only 3 days.  J will have a total of 5 hours over 2 days working with him.  She's so excited.

Camp is still going strong for W.  He gets to be active and busy all day with lots of other kids - and he's wiped out tired by 9pm.  I'm glad he's on a good bedtime schedule now.  Once school starts for both girls he'll have to start getting up early anyway.  I'll be driving J and B to the train and then K to school.  I figure it might be better to get an earlier academic start with W, too - that means more of the afternoon free to play and go places!  I plan on being more active in the homeschool groups this year and I want to get lots more Manhattan time in.  There's still so much out there we haven't experienced yet.  W doesn't know how he's going to like homeschooling without J, but I plan on making this year extra special for him.

I'm trying to figure out which IHIP I should send in next month.  I have my general, all-encompassing one I always use and I have my Ambleside Online -specific one.  It doesn't really matter, although I may need more of a quarterly with the latter.  Ugh.  Not sure what to do.

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