Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Day Camp

W will be starting day camp tomorrow!  I've had the kids in camp over the years and they've really loved it.   I guess with all the high school stuff and next year's homeschool curriculum and the girls' endless summer plans it slipped my mind this year.  Thankfully, MIL found one in walking distance with the perfect price.  It will be from 7:30am to 6pm.  They provide meals and a full day of cool activities, including water play, academic competitions, movies, and cooking class.  W is an early riser, so that works out.  B will take him in the mornings before work and pick him up when he gets home.  W is so excited and is looking forward to it. 

We will still be doing as much academic stuff as we can.  I'm not worried about finishing this curriculum before autumn.  Camp is just what he needs right now.  Friends on the block and the playground are great, but when it's too hot (it was 103 the other day) or no one's home, W has a hard time knowing what to do with himself.  We go places, do crafts, cook, and he still does his cartooning, claymation, and weapon-making, but after a few hours, he's bored.  He's the kind of kid who loves being on the go and keeping busy. 

So, he starts tomorrow.  He didn't even want to wait til Monday, lol.  Tonight I'll pack everything he needs:  sunscreen, swim trunks, extra shirt, plastic bag for wet clothes, some snacks, and water.  I hope he loves it.  He can then do the whole 6 weeks.  Wish us luck!

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