Saturday, December 10, 2005

B took J to dance rehearsal this afternoon. She did her solo at the end and I'm glad B got to see the whole thing. P (her solo coach) was there, too, and told B that J is doing really well. She mentioned something about how J has "eight eights" at the end and how hard that is. They stopped at Michaels Craft on the way home to pick up pins so we could make these cool ornaments. While they were out, I put up the tree, lights, bead garland, and ribbon. The kids put on most of the ornaments.

We all sat around the table making ornaments out of styrofoam balls, pins, beads, and sequins. I followed the directions that were given, having a starting point and continuing with my pins and sequins in concentric circles until I got to the other side. B got all elaborate with his, using pearl ended pins and making it look like a crown pattern. K made her initial out of pins and beads and added sequins all around it. J decided hers was going to be a tomato and put a series of red sequins all over. W made a snowman out by pinning 3 balls together and added eyes and other decorations. Then he took that apart and stuck a bunch of pins in the snowman's head. Then he wanted to make one like mine and I showed him how to put the bead and sequin on the pin. Then he got frustrated because it wasn't "nice" like mine. SIGH.

B is at band rehearsal tonight - they have a gig on Monday night. The kids have Sunday school tomorrow and I plan on cleaning all day. I wish I would just stick with my daily schedule and I wouldn't have to cram all the cleaning in on the weekends. We got our new washing machine, but the delivery guy couldn't hook it up for some reason. Now we have to wait til the plumber comes sometime this week. Thankfully I did lot of laundry the other day and everyone has plenty of clean clothes. I will stick with my schedule this week.


Manoj Padki said...

We have finalized our plans and we will be in NYC on Dec 25 early afternoon. We'll be staying near the Rockefeller Center for the night and head back home late on the 26th. Please write me at padki at yahoo dot com so that we can work out some plan for meeting. Looking forward to it!

NYCitymomx3 said...

Yikes! Only 2 days? I don't know if we'll be around - Christmas and the day after are very busy in my house (way too much visiting, lol). Let's try for the 26th in the early afternoon. I'll speak to you before that to confirm.

Patrice said...

Aw that reminds me of my Grandma. She used to make ornaments for a living before they closed her job. I miss her ornaments. I can't wait to make our own--maybe next year after we move.