Sunday, December 04, 2005

Today was the opposite of yesterday. Nice and relaxed. The kids went to Sunday School and B ran a few errands. He spent most of the afternoon putting up our outside Christmas lights. J and W went out to help and even got to make a little snowman from the 2 inches of snow we got this morning. J made tuna casserole for everybody for lunch - she's getting to be such a great cook! K wanted her hair to look like yesterday so after her shower I spent about 30 minutes on it with the straightening iron. Oh, and yes, my hair still looks fantastic too. ;)

Our washing machine died in the middle of a load of towels so we have no clean towels nor does W have any clean uniforms. I may have to schlep to the laundromat in the morning. We're broke this week and of course everyone seems to need money for something: W needs money for the Christmas Gift Shop at school, K needs lunch money, the laundromat will cost at least $10, I owe $15 to the dance studio fund raiser, and I still have to get the damn Christmas cards done. Shit. Oh well. I'm going to stay positive and figure a way through the week.

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Patrice said...

Ugh, I hate broke weeks. But you make it through and I know I always think back to 2002--we had our son in Jan and after that the whole year went downhill financially--part of why we left NY darnit and yay at the same time. But I always wonder why everything happens at once. Ugh. Tell K if she homeschools you'll have more money for stuff she likes--I know, I'm terrible. LOL! ((HUGS)) I wish NYC had Nashville cost of living.