Thursday, August 10, 2006

Man, this summer's going by fast.

K has been doing her TACHS workbook in dribs and drabs. We do the math part together - she says I explain things in a way she understands. The only thing she needs help with in the English part is punctuation and capitalization. Those questions are very tricky and even I have to look at them twice sometimes.

J's 10th birthday was yesterday. She did pretty well, I must say. We got her an Ipod Nano, my mom got her the Razor cell phone (with 2 snap on covers, a case, and a dangly thing), and MIL gave her pink Heely's and $50. And she's still got more gifts coming. We went out for Japanese food and to see Monster House. P, J's solo coach, emailed to say she's working on song selection for this year and that we're going to get started right after Labor Day. She put a note in saying how proud she was of all J's accomplishments at each competition and that she exceeded most first soloists with the awards she rec'd. She is looking forward to a bigger better year and thanked B and me for our trust in her. I thought it was such a nice thing to say. J can't wait to get started this year - she has major dance withdrawal, LOL.

W is telling me how proud he is to be a homeschooler now. He is so excited about it. I'm planning so much for the kids this year. Without the time conflict of preschool, so much more is open to us. He's been busy this week doing lots of drawing and writing and playing. He is really looking forward to our trip to Hershey Park next week. He's been so helpful to me this week - he put together a new Swiffer stick, opened up a new tablecloth and put it on the table for me, and sprayed and washed the bathroom mirror. He's so cute because he's confident he can really do anything and he gets all manly and cool and asks what else I need done. LOL!

Work has been good. The extra money is so helpful, but seems to just disappear as fast as I get it. I've decided to put 1/2 to 3/4 of my whole paycheck into savings every week. Once September comes, the expenses will start building up again. I figure my paychecks can go to things like dance, K's school, outings, and "field trips". I have to send J's IHIP and W's Letter of Intent soon, too. That's all for W this year though, til he's 6. I have the forms all typed up and ready to go, so I'll mail them next week. Then I won't have to think about paperwork til November's quarterly report.

Life is good.

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