Thursday, August 24, 2006

Yay I can finally post pictures again! I added some to the 3 previous posts.

Today was a great day spent at the NY Hall of Science. We hit every room and almost every exhibit today. And of course my kids' favorite things were anything with mirrors or bubbles. I think I might invest in a monster bubble maker thing for the backyard. We went to the outside playground and they did everything. The favorite there was the spider web and water area. Even K loved it and ran around and climbed and played forgetting that she's usually "too cool" to indulge in such juvenility, lol. The new exhibit there is called "CSI - Crime Scene Insects" and it was awesome! It was a great look into forensic entymology. The kids got a little skeeved out at times, but I think they liked it. The sports area was a hit as usual. The girls were virtually-arm-wrestling kids in other states and we saw a demonstration on center of gravity and another one on lasers. W went up to the demonstrator after it was over and asked so many questions. She let him try out the equipment and everything. J and W made a craft in the Magic Schoolbus center - W made a "magic box" and was so proud of it, he showed it to everyone he saw. I love the workers there. They're so great with the kids. At one point W said, "You know what, Mom? We could come here every day!" I had such a great time with them. I think we spent over 4 hours there today. Here are some pictures!

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