Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mom took the girls again this weekend. I think she thinks they're bored here or something. They enjoy going there so I don't mind. Mom's throwing a huge family reunion next Saturday and she's starting the cooking this weekend. The girls helped a lot. They swam in the pool, did lots of food shopping, and just bonded with Mom, Dad, and my sister Ampy (when K was 18 mos, this is how she pronounced my sister's name. It kinda stuck, much to sis's dismay, lol). I'll meet them at the train in the morning where Mom will drop them off on her way to work.

B and I took W to the playground today. This one is about 12 blocks from my house and it's hands down my favorite. I used to take the girls there all the time when they were little. They have the best sprinklers and almost all the park benches are in the shade - there are so many trees. There was a farmers market right along the block, too. We just browsed, though. As usual, W asked lots of great questions about the vegetables.

He made some friends and played tag, water guns, fort, running through the spinklers, filling water balloons, etc. He walks up to anyone - boys and girls from 4 to 12 - he doesn't care, as long as it's someone who's willing to play! He is so outgoing and confident. Many of the other kids start out aloof or even mean and won't let him play. But he doesn't lose faith and knows they'll come around - and they usually do.

We stayed for 3 hours and went and had pizza. He's a perfect gentleman at a restaurant now. He even wanted to wear a collared shirt! He ate 2 slices and was exhausted on the ride home. I spent the evening clearing out J and W's room, and B finally put an air conditioner in there. I am doing some organizing every day so come September they will be able to find anything and everything. I worry about W missing school (even though he really wants to homeschool) so I want to make our home as creatively-friendly as I can (does that make sense? LOL!). Tomorrow I'll try to get to all the books and toys. Today was the clutter and the clothes. Next I'll work on the dining room. I want to make that room really inviting as it's the hub of the house.

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