Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It is 101 degrees outside. It is hazy, hot, and humid with a heat index of 115 degrees. WTF?!?!?

I drove out to my mom's yesterday with the kids. We ate lunch at Friendly's - I used to think that place was great, but the prices went way up and it seems trashier than it used to. The kids played in mom's pool all day. My sister and her kids came over, too. We grilled veggies and pork chops on the barbecue and made some pasta for dinner. Today, mom took the girls to work with her and W and I hung out in the pool. He swims like a pro now - he dives under the water and surfaces 10 feet away, and can dog paddle the whole length of the pool. He can also do a backflip under the water. And he's only had his floaties off for 3 days!

I was also noticing yesterday and today how so well-behaved W is lately. I mean he'll still fight with his sisters and give me lip every now and again, but there's been such a difference since June. He's amazing with other kids - he doesn't whine or act up, he shares great, and he's so considerate. I really do believe that being away from the chaos of school has calmed him and allowed his real self to shine through. He's so awesome. The owner of the dance studio emailed us today saying she's so excited to work with W. She said they'll start with his solo around the 2nd week of August. He can't wait. This is going to be a very cool year!


michelle said...

Just to let you ds was in public school up through 2nd grade when his teachers said he was ADHD. We homeschooled for 3rd and now everyone remarks on how wise and calm he is. I guess being kicked around in the bathroom and knowing there was nothing he could do about it caused a lack of focus. Go figure. Anyway, the longer you HS W the more changes (for the better) you'll probably see.
Good luck!

NYCitymomx3 said...

I get some of those comments with J. She's become so reflective and involved. I'm still angry about her teachers labeling her with ADHD/ADD. I'm so glad I won't have to go through all the nonsense and worry with W! Thanks for sharing your story. I think a lot of kids probably go through the same sad thing.