Sunday, August 06, 2006

Yay! The heat wave is finally over. I read a comment in my newspaper from a guy in Arizona shaking his head at us NY'ers for saying several days of 100 degrees was a heat wave. He said that's nothing compared to Arizona heat and he'll send us some cocoa and warm mittens, chuckle chuckle. Well, what the western half of the country doesn't understand is that the humidity in the air is what makes it feel like hell here. No dry air at all. It wreaks havoc on the lungs of asthmatics and can rise one's body temp to over 108 degrees. 10 people died in Queens from the heat. Not a laughing matter.

Anyhoo, all is wonderful on the NY front. The kids have been so busy, I'm starting to really make good money at work, my home has been pretty kept up, and I started eating raw again. Two years ago I went 100% raw vegan for 8 months. I ate only fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds (in hundreds of combinations). It was great. I felt great, I looked great, and I lost weight. Now I'm trying it again. I'm on day 5 already. I'm about 75% raw now. My cooked food is what I normally eat. I'll admit I'm not going raw vegan for any righteous reasons - just so I will look and feel better. I still eat meat and crap sometimes. I plan on easing into as high raw as I can get without going crazy, lol.

W has been reading and reading. He still bring me his workbooks to do with him almost every day, too. J is loving her pre-algebra workbook. She brought it with her to my mom's house last week! I went to Target yesterday and bought out almost the entire back to school section. 24 Crayola crayons = $.20, Elmers Glue = $.20, notebooks, colored pencils, tape, folders, etc etc etc all less than a dollar for a bunch. I saw a cute protractor for J (she always prints one out online) and she loved it - it was bendy and purple. K started doing her TACHS workbook (for the Catholic High School Exam in October). She hasn't touched it all summer until today. A part of me thinks she's just trying to get me to change my mind about her going over a friend's house tomorrow. She knows I don't like this girl, and why she's drawn to her, I'll never know (long story).

Speaking of the girls, they went to mom's work on Friday and slept over. On Saturday, guess where mom took them??? Yup, SHOPPING again. She bought them both a Razor cell phone (with phone plan), new curtains and bedspread for K, and stuff I haven't even seen yet for J. She says it's for J's birthday (Tuesday) and K's confirmation (October). Yeah, whatever. My mom is out of her mind. But, the girls love their phones and have been texting and calling and taking pics of people all day.

Tonight we had a barbecue in the backyard. MIL came over and dh's aunt joined us. I haven't really seen MIL in a while and I was waiting for the disapproving homeschool discussion to begin, but she didn't say a word about it.
The neighbors were out having a bbq too and the kids had a ball playing with their Golden Retreiver, Nana. It was nice. B cooked and made steak fajitas, corn on the cob, and kielbasa, and we had pasta salad, cauliflower salad, mozz and tomato salad, and cupcakes! We have to have more barbecues.

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